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Do you have popping or locking in your jaw? Dr. Krupa and Dr. Dheeren offer TMJ treatment in West Deptford, New Jersey, to help you find relief. This treatment helps realign your bite to reduce unnecessary stress to your jaw. Contact Friendly Smiles today at 856-464-1141 to learn more and schedule a visit with our dentists.

As you age, so do your teeth. This means that as your dental environment changes, you will experience different dental issues. Constant daily use over the years can wear down your teeth, and changes to the structure of your mouth can alter the appearance of your smile. Senior dentistry aims to make this transition a smooth one with our treatments focused on not only maintaining good oral health but also enjoying the benefits of your smile for years to come.

As part of your regular six-month visits, our dentists will examine your mouth by checking the structure of your bite, jaw and teeth, as well as observing the soft tissues of your mouth, like your gums, tongue and inner cheeks. This helps our dentists understand your oral environment as a whole and provide more accurate treatment. If you wear dentures, we will also check their fit and function to ensure they work properly.

As you age, you may experience some of the following dental problems:

  • Dental Decay — Your teeth have been working for you for a long while. This constant use over time may have increased the chances of cavities. Remember to brush and floss your teeth daily to prevent excessive damage.
  • Dental Damage — Your dental choices over the years affect the overall condition of your teeth. You may find yourself needing restorative dentistry treatments to help repair damage done over time. We offer a variety of treatments to choose from and suggest you discuss these options with our dentists.
  • Dry Mouth — As a common symptom of infection, medication or nicotine use, a dry mouth often feels uncomfortable and sore. It can, however, be combated by preventive actions such as diet changes, increased water intake, fluoride gels, lozenges or chewing gum.
  • Systemic Conditions — Illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and osteoporosis, all affect and are affected by your oral health. It is important to inform our dentists of these conditions, which helps us find the treatment that works best for you.

If you have any questions about senior dentistry, you are welcome to call our dental office today to learn more.