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The Truth About Dental Anxiety | West Deptford Dentist

Is anxiety or nervousness keeping you from visiting Friendly Smiles? Dental treatments should not be a cause of stress. If you worry about pain, embarrassment, or loss of control during a dental examination, we want you to know two important things: You are not alone, and we can help. Understanding Dental Anxiety Research has shown that many patients experience some... read more »

Health Link: Oral Hygiene and Heart Disease | Dentist West Deptford

The human body is a network of interconnected systems and organs. Issues that affect one area can impact the health and function of other areas. Recent studies have highlighted evidence linking gum disease and heart disease. While the exact nature of this connection is still being researched, people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to develop heart disease.... read more »

Debunking 5 Common Myths About Teeth Sensitivity | Dentist West Deptford

Are you tired of dealing with tooth sensitivity? It's a common issue, but there's a lot of misinformation out there. At Friendly Smiles, your trusted dentist in West Deptford, we're here to set the record straight. Let's separate fact from fiction when it comes to sensitivity. Myth #1: It's normal for teeth to hurt when exposed to hot or cold... read more »

Ow! Your Guide to Canker Sores | Friendly Smiles

Dealing with a canker sore can be uncomfortable and bothersome, affecting your ability to eat, drink, and speak with ease. At Friendly Smiles, we understand the importance of maintaining your oral health, especially when faced with oral sores. Here's a helpful guide to understanding and managing canker sores: What Do Canker Sores Look Like? Canker sores typically manifest as small,... read more »

How Pregnancy Affects Your Oral Health | West Deptford NJ Dentist

Ensuring optimal oral health during pregnancy is crucial for both you and your baby's well-being. At Friendly Smiles, your trusted West Deptford NJ dentist, we understand the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene throughout this transformative period. Here's a comprehensive guide to addressing common oral health concerns during pregnancy and safeguarding your dental wellness: Oral Health Problems During Pregnancy Pregnancy... read more »

I Chipped a Tooth! What Can I Do? | Dentist in 08051

It usually starts pretty innocently. You’re biting into your favorite hard candy and suddenly you realize that there’s one little hard piece in your mouth you can’t seem to dissolve. You check it out and fear overcomes you when you see it’s a little chipped piece of a tooth.  Enamel may be one of the hardest substances in the body... read more »

Oral Cancer Risk Factors | Dentist in 08051

During a comprehensive dental examination, our team will look for signs of oral cancer. Early detection is key with oral cancer. If caught early, most forms of oral cancer are treatable. Our dental team is trained and educated to identify oral cancer.  Everyone is susceptible to the disease, but some groups of people are at a higher risk level than... read more »

Dentistry – Past, Present, and Future | West Deptford Dentist

“Tooth worms” are the cause of tooth decay. That was the headline of a Sumerian text from around 5,000 B.C.E. Fortunately, the dental industry has evolved since then and we know “tooth worms” don’t exist. Here’s how dentistry has evolved into the comfortable, safe, and beneficial science of today.  In the Beginning  Did you know that the ancient Egyptians had... read more »

​Repair Your Smile with Dentures​ | Dentist West Deptford

​ Our dental team is pleased to provide high-quality removable dentures to new and existing patients who have experienced the loss of some or all of their teeth. These dentures are custom-crafted to fit the individual patient's mouth and specific tooth replacement needs. They provide both a cosmetic and functional replacement solution for tooth loss.   To make the dentures, we... read more »